Here are lies about becoming a writer you probably believe.

  1. You have to be inspired to become a writer. Inspiration is for amateurs. Real writers write. Poor writers copy, the best writers steel.
  2. You have to be a grammar expert to become a writer. You don’t need to be an expert at grammar to be a writer. That’s the purpose for expensive editors, as mentioned in the last blog. You DO also have to learn to be interesting.
  3. Bestselling writers make lots of money. The reality is that bestselling writers often do make good money, but rarely just from their writing. The actual percentage of writers that have a film made from their book is 0.000,000,000,1% There are at last years count over 26,000,000 people who are writing and trying to sell their books without a publisher. Good luck to us all.
  4. Finishing your book is the hardest part to becoming a writer. Even though I am having difficulties in finishing my novel. The reality is that when you finish your book, that’s just the beginning to becoming a writer. There is advertisement, and getting your audience. Even if you get a publisher deal, you still have to attract an audience yourself.
  5. You should be a writer because you have good ideas. It doesn’t matter how many great book ideas you have if you can’t finish your book. Just get it down. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling. That can be cleaned up later.
  6. You could never make it as a writer. You can make it as a writer. I promise. Don’t get discouraged. Instead, get busy. Advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, do YouTube videos, get your own website, write a blog that isn’t just what you had for breakfast, but interesting—I always liked challenges.

The last lie, the worst lie, is that you have to be a great writer now. You can self publish, win a publishers deal or get a little of both. Warning—Publishers take up to 90% of the sales money from your own book, and may change large parts of chapters.