Sentence Diagrams

Sentence Structure

I am using the website 1AiWay to check my sentences as comma splices are my favourite error. Sentences are often very short or very long. There are 4 different types of sentence:

1, Simple

2, Compound

3, Complex

4, Compound-complex

An independent clause is a string of words that include a subject and a verb that expresses a thought:fullsizeoutput_24ce

Simple Sentence

The sentence “Dogs bark loud.” is a simple sentence and the diagram is:


Compound Sentence

The sentence “I cooked dinner, and Joe had some.” is a compound sentence and it contains two clauses connected with a comma and coordinating conjunction:fullsizeoutput_24c6

Complex Sentence

The sentence “Brian laughed because the party was inexpensive.” is a complex sentence as it contains two clauses joined by a subordinating conjunction:fullsizeoutput_24c5

Compound-Complex Sentence

The sentence “Brian laughed because the party was cheap, and I payed for a lot.” is a compound-complex sentence as it contains three independent clauses and a coordinating conjunction, as well as a subordinating conjunction:fullsizeoutput_24c4

The smallest sentence ever is undoubtedly:fullsizeoutput_24c7

I am writing the short story for the Spring Writing Contest about a man in a hole. I will of course show my attempt and the feedback from the judges.