Vocabulary Restrictions

There are a few words that are looked down upon within novels. These words are mostly vague or a clichés.

Vague Words to be Deleted:

  • Nice
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Like
  • Big
  • Little
  • Pretty
  • Looked
  • Scared
  • Angry
  • Difficult
  • Shocked
  • Interesting
  • Useful
  • Small
  • Went

There are more words in this list as I will add them when I become aware. In addition to these words, it is advised not to use Adverbs ending in –ly

So, once you have finished your story or novel, you should hit the search button and find these words and delete or change them. I’m sure you can find an alternative word that describes what is happening and is less vague. Of course you may say, “Well use an editor.” An editor is very expensive. For a look at your 80,000 word novel ProofReading.Org will charge £1192. That is their cheapest price. Also it is not recommended that you design your own front cover for your novel. I have looked around and found the cheapest at £400 for one cover. You also need ISBN numbers, a different number for an e-book, paperback, hardback. These ISBN numbers are sold in the UK: £89 for one, £149 for a block of ten as you may have all the three options listed above. from Nielson.com So, it’s expensive…

The word ‘said’ is very much laughed upon when used in dialogue, where it is unnecessary, illogical or inconsistent. Writing dialogue that shows emotion, thus it is not necessary to put a tag at the beginning or end. This subject is larger than adding it to this blog. I will give a dedicated blog to that subject later this week.