Philip Shepherd

Possible Novel Title: Controlling the Fire
Sub-sub genre: Hard-boiled/Noir Detective.

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Published Short Stories:

My Alien Abduction  …   Short Fiction Break23rd March 2017

Late for Work             …   Short Fiction Break28th June 2017

Trip to Europa            …   Short Fiction Break6th September 2017

Newton’s Second Damn Law  …  Short Fiction Break – 8th November 2017

Protagonist: Harriet Logan – Private Investigator
I am a private investigator. I have been for two years now. I am unmarried and in my early thirties. I am single and a geeky/intellectual butch lesbian. My character enabled me to fit into the role of captain of the HMS Richmond, which was a type 23 frigate. This ended as there was a ship wide fire and lots of my crew were killed. I sustained 2nd degree burns and now have pyrophobia.
On my return to living with the love of my life: Audrey Conway in Portsmouth, we irritated each other and drifted apart.
I now live in Thatcham, a small town which is three miles from Newbury in Berkshire UK. I went on to be a private investigator. Both parents died in a house fire ten years ago, and I do not have any brothers or sisters. As a P.I. wanting to get the job done, I might be down a road and get stabbed in the back, as is likely in this type of work. No one’s life will have a hole in it from my departure; no one will miss me, everyone’s life is hard. That’s the job, and I enjoy it.

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