Latin Still in English Language

Latin is an old language that was used in Rome around the 5th Century BC. It was the official language of the Roman Empire in the 1st Century BC. Many of the words are still used in everyday English today.

Top 15 Latin Words Still Used Today:

  1. Exempli Gratia (ex-EM-pli GRA-ti-ya) = For the sake of; e.g.
  2. Nota bene (NO-ta BEN-ay) = Note well; n.b.
  3. Persona non grata (per-Sone-a non GRAT-a) = An unwelcome person.
  4. Postscriptum (post-SCRIP-tum) = Thing having been written afterward; p.s.
  5. Quod erat demonstrandum (Kwod e-rat dem-on-STRAIN-dum) = Which was to be demonstrated; Q.E.D.
  6. Requiescat in pace (rek-wi-ES-cat in par-kay) = May he or she rest in peace; R.I.P.
  7. Status quo (state-us kwo) = The state in which things are
  8. Veto (VEE-tow) = I forbid
  9. Ante meridiem (AN-tay Mer-ID-ee-em) = Before noon; a.m.
  10. Post meridiem (POST me-RID-ee-em) = After noon; p.m.
  11. Curriculum vitae (cur-IC-you-lum VEE-eye) = The course of life, or school & work history
  12. Ergo (UR-go) = Therefore
  13. Non compos mentis (non Com-pos MEN-tis) = Not of sound mind
  14. Quid pro quo (KW-id PR-o K-Wow) = This for that
  15. Ad hominem (AD Hom-in-em) = To attack the man

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