Fall Short Story Competition

This new Short Story competition is on. TheWritePractice.

1500 words on falling in love in:

Medieval France, or

The Moons of Jupiter.

Interesting, the medieval years in France would range from about 481 to 1430, which is around a thousand years. Everyone in castles and my favourite Shakespeare play Hamlet, even though in Denmark, it would bubble up some Hamlet and Ophelia type scenarios.

The moons of Jupiter however, would be set for some aliens or very, very far future human race, or a trip to some Jupiter moon as an exploratory trip for a Mark Watney type character and a fellow explorer.

From the feedback given in the previous short story competition, I would create a theme and edit the crap out of any dialogue, also put in a lot of research into current romance short stories. I am tempted to use the second person point of view. It’s only 1500 words and the reader could assume the role of the lover or the loved at the beginning. Mmm, some fun for the next two weeks.

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