The Forbidden Love Plot

1. Forbidden love is any love that goes opposite to the conventions of that particular society, so there is usually either an explicit or certain force exerted against the lovers.
2. The sweethearts ignore social convention and seek their hearts, usually with unfavourable results.
3. Adultery is the most well-known form of forbidden love. The adulterer may either be the protagonist or antagonist, depending on the type of the story. The same is valid for the offended spouse.
4. The first dramatic phase should define the relationship between partners and phrase it in its social circumstances. What are the taboos that they have divided? How do they manage it themselves? How do the characters around them handle it? Are the lovers moonstruck, or do they deal with the realities of their affair head on?
5. The second dramatic phase should take the beloveds into the heart of their relationship. The lovers may start out in an idyllic period, but as the social and psychological realities of their affair become apparent, the romance may begin to dissolve or come under elevated pressure to dissolve.
6. The third dramatic phase should take the lovers to the endpoint of their relationship and settle all the moralistic scores. The lovers are usually separated, either by death, restraint or leaving.

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