Your Target Audience

What is Your Target Audience?

Without your target audience, you cannot market and sell your book to specific readers. For a significant amount of the time writers consider that they can target a broad group of the population. This is not precisely correct. The genre you want to write has many sub-genre groups. The best way to attract your target audience is to focus on the medium between the broad and narrow.

A way to find this audience is to ask yourself these questions:
* For who am I writing the novel?
* How old are they?
* What gender are they?
* Where do they live?
* What is their financial situation?
* How much education have they obtained?
* What films do they like?
* What tv series do they watch?

A tip: Don’t be afraid of a small target audience. The audience that meet all these questions are the people that are going to be 100% devoted to you and your novels if you do your research correctly.

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