Top Poisons used in Crime Fiction

Many poisons are used in various situations as you don’t leave a bullet or need a gun. Different traces are evident from the collection of the chemical and its uses.

1. Belladonna – The name means ‘pretty woman’, but this poison is genuinely a devil in disguise. Its use is to relieve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. But the smallest dose can also be fatal. It is a plant that is about five feet tall and ingesting any part of the plant will result in dilated eye pupils, blurred vision and sometimes blindness. If left untreated, then death will follow quickly.

2. Strychnine – This is also known as Nux Vomica. It also produces seeds that provide some of the most dramatic and painful symptoms. The symptoms are violent convulsions, a rise in blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, a slow heart rate followed by paralysis of the airways that results in death. This chemical is also used to alleviate indigestion, increase appetite and treat constipation.

3. Henbane – This is a dangerous killer that is sometimes known as ‘the devil’s eyes’ It has been used in black magic and witchcraft and is said to look and smell of death. Merely smelling the toxic leaves causes symptoms of dizziness, stupor, insanity, dry mouth, dilated pupils in the eyes, delirium leading to a coma and then death. Medical uses include treatment of rheumatic aches and pains.

4. Hemlock – A dirty and unattractive plant that has spotted dirty-red stems that smells of urine. The symptoms of ingestion can result in paralysis, the collapse of the respiratory muscles and death. This chemical is not used for current medical purposes, although it was used in the treatment of rabies.