The Reader has to be Hooked by your Story

The reader has to be hooked on the first page, and you must not release them for the whole novel.
In any literature, the opening sentences, paragraph, page or chapter can be critical, and crime writing is no different. Start your story off with some significant event, or a narrative that is profound.
Here are a couple of opening types that have worked:

  • The start of the novel with the protagonist in some physical or emotional danger.
  • A flashback opening can start with a time of high intensity from somewhere later in the story and then flashback to the circumstances leading up to the actual beginning.
  • The first day on the job opening: An excellent way to propose the world to the reader is to see it through the eyes of the protagonist, or the antagonist. Sometimes the Antagonist is the first person narrator; this is very rare.
  • The everyday hero opening is when your protagonist is going about their ordinary life, and some event has them careening off to another way.
  • Outside action is the external action event which could be a robbery, or a murder, or any problem that doesn’t involve the hero.
  • Never begin with a summary of the weather. In a crime novel, if you open with a report of the weather it will make people assume the weather killed somebody.

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