What’s the Central Conflict of Your Novel

Within the novel environment, there is always a central conflict. The conflict between characters and the protagonist or the inhospitable climate is always present. This battle keeps readers reading your novel and wanting more information, even though it introduces an air of unpredictability.

Romance Novels – Character vs Character. A conflict that is preceding a love affair.

Thrilling Adventure Novels – Character vs Environment. The protagonist has to survive a hostile or unfamiliar environment.

Social Critique Novels – Character vs Society. Characters at odds with the dominant society.

Psychological Angst Novels – Character vs Self. Secondary to Character vs Character, but adds depth and complexity to the protagonist.

Supernatural Events Novel – A Character or group of characters must face the fright of the unknown.

Futuristic Dystopia Novels – Character vs Technology. This conflict sees a protagonist or a group of characters face the traps of the progress in technology.

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