The Winter Writing Contest

The Writing Short Stories by The Write Practice and join their Contest Here.

Maximum length: 1,500 words, — as Google Docs counts them. Many writing softwares count words differently; it’s to do with hyphens and apostrophes.

Contest theme: Countdown. Your character has a deadline. It might be a cancer prognosis giving him 6 months to live, a blackmailer giving her twenty-four hours to comply before a secret is revealed, a few more minutes until the clock strikes midnight and his one true love vanishes, or something else entirely. Whatever the case, your character is racing against the clock. Tell a story with a countdown.

Enrollment deadline:

To participate, you must enroll for the contest by Tuesday, October 24.

Your story will be due for workshopping on Monday, October 30.

Your final submission is due Monday, November 6.

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