Short Story Published

My story: Trip to Europa has been published in Short Fiction Break.

Please click the link above and read. Then make a comment, if you think it warrants one.

It is up for the readers choice award:


The judges are deliberating over the winners of the grand prize. As they sift through the entries, we invite you to vote for your favorite story to win the Readers’ Choice Award.

Here’s how to step into our judges’ shoes, hone your editorial eye, and support your favorite story:

1 Read at least three or four of the stories below. (We know there are a lot!)

2 Vote for your favorite by choosing its title from the dropdown list in this poll.

3 Share your favorite on social media and invite your friends to vote, too.

4 Comment on the story to let the author know you enjoyed it!

If you have entered a story in the contest, we encourage you to read several others and vote for someone besides yourself. We also suggest you read this guide to help you get the most out of publication on Short Fiction Break.

Voting will end on Tuesday, September 12 at midnight Pacific time.

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