Private Investigators

What do Private Investigators do?
Rockwell Investigator Training is a good start.

Some of the top requested business for a private investigator is:

1. Insurance surveillance – Stationary and mobile surveillance. Many insurance companies have received claims, and apparently, they want to find out if the claim is valid, so they have private investigators follow a client and see if they are unable to work, drive or have a twisted neck or other disabilities.

2. Cyber Intelligence – finding information on a subject such as social media, medical history, any phone calls and the like.

3. Executive Protection – Bodyguards can keep an executive protected, but they are out in the open, and everyone can see them. So the hiring of a private investigator can have people within the crowd lurking with the potential attackers.

4. Interviewing – A type of information may be required from an individual, and they don't want to ask for it as this will be obvious, and the person may lie. So a private investigator can bump into the person seemingly by accident and begin talking. Earn the trust and then casually bring the conversation around to the subject required.

5. Security Consultation – A big company has security concerns and rooms that they want to remain private and computer networks safe. So they hire a P.I. to try and break in or steal the information. If the information or item is taken, then the P.I. can indicate how it was done and secure that means of entry.

6. Counter Surveillance/Intelligence – All private investigators generally pretend that they are being followed or tracked. This pretence highlights to the P.I. the kind of activities that someone would perform in the operation of surveillance or tracking. Once you have done this pretence for a few months, it becomes second nature, and then you can observe others doing this.

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