Protagonist Faults


Your main character or the protagonist should not be perfect. It’s not realistic. Pretty much every character requires at least a common flaw unless they’re a flat character with no real personality. The ideal character would not be enjoyable to read.

Your character’s attributes will define their every action and reaction. Your character has too many useful features, and can’t possibly be all these contradicting things all at once. Someone who is brutally honest, good at arguing, and unapologetically opinionated isn’t very likely to also be peaceful and even-tempered. The first three attributes speak of an entirely different person than the last two. And, often times, character attributes that seem like good things can become flaws when brought to their extreme. Yes, honesty is a good thing, but it can get your character into trouble because people don’t always like to hear the truth, white lies are widespread.

You should re-examine and re-build a character from a different angle, and focus more on making a character like a real person than adding as many good attributes of which you can think. Even if your character seems perfect on the surface, it is highly unlikely that they are that perfect in reality. Someone this perfect will never actually do anything because their contradicting positive characteristics and lack of flaws don’t give them any motivation to act.

Looking at famous characters like:
Columbo, a routine type of guy that is scared to fly in a plane or helicopter and be in hospitals, forgetful and likes a good cigar. He is also the best Homicide Detective on the planet.
Superman, He does have a problem with Kryptonite and being in its location He is apparently an off world being that has greater strength and abilities than humans.
Jason Bourne, a brilliant and tactical man that knows his limits and can work around them very successfully. He was on drugs that gave him lots of headaches and difficulties driving at night with headlights in view.

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