The Reader is Actually Clever

It is better to only give the reader what they need. There is such a bad thing of information dumps in a scene. Trickle the information and do not put paragraphs of information as this is bad. 

The reader is often thought of as forgetful and in need of being reminded of things. So as a writer, you repeat things as it is thought that a reader will not sit and read for ten to twelve hours and finish the book in one reading. Even though, you must not repeat things as editors and publishers will not like this attitude.

Also the reader is clever and more clever than you think. When you make half suggestions within your writing, it is clear to the reader; you do not have to enforce the suggestion over and over again.

If your story is interesting enough, then information will not need repeating to remind the reader as they will be on the ball. The story must have a beat that keeps the reader reading the next page.

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