Summer Short Story Comtest!

Writing Contest Guidelines

Website: The Write Practice

I now enjoy writing short stories. An idea hits you and you can pretty much pants out one to two thousand words. Even though number three under Urban Fantasy is the exact description of my entry for the Spring Contest. I realise I just can not copy and paste with updates and corrections, but there’s more in this competition. It is open to writers of all kinds to write a new story based on the contest theme, workshop it in our writing community, and submit it for publication.

All writers who participate may be published if they choose.

Maximum length: 1,000 words.

Contest theme: Choose one of the following writing prompts to base your story on:

Urban Fantasy

  1. What happens when Jeanette Tanner finds out that her father, a New York City police officer, is a vampire?
  2. What if a pack of werewolves takes over the mean streets of South Central Los Angeles?
  3. You see a otherworldly creature on the way to work. No one else can see it. What do you do?

Science Fiction

  1. Tell us about a secret government facility tasked with cloning every dead American president.
  2. What will the American government do when it finds out that the Chinese Premier can read minds?
  3. What happens when Admiral Peter Kane’s fleet of starships gets ambushed by the Russian Federation?


  1. What will NCIS Special Agent John Rathbone do when he’s forced to retire because of a botched investigation?
  2. A washed up Medal of Honor recipient walks into a bar. What’s happens next?
  3. What if a CIA-sanctioned assassination of a foreign president goes awry?

Enrollment deadline: To participate, you must enroll for the contest by Monday, June 5. Your story will be due for work shopping on Monday, June 12. Your final submission is due Monday, June 19.

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