Plot or Story

What’s the difference?

There is actually a difference between a plot and a story. It’s like a novel and a movie.

So, movies show a lot of scenes with action things happening that are usually dramatic. Most movies show activities from the perspective of many people. Things happen to the characters, the protagonist and antagonist, along with other extras embark on a journey of excitement. Each character shows emotions and attitude towards or against the things happening.

A Movie, most movies show activities and show their feelings towards some action. Some movies follow a narration from the protagonist or antagonist. This character is always in every scene, and thus narration.

A Plot

A plot is the action and what happens within a scene in a movie or novel. Movies are flooded with the plot.

A Story

A story is the emotions that the characters experience. The emotions of characters in a novel are quickly shown and described. It is a lesser part of a movie as the emotions are only presented with actions.

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