Website content published?

I have found a worrying website. The Library of Babel. Within this library which is divided into pages, books, shelves, walls, and rooms, is all the text, created by Jonathan Basile.

This library has been built to locate and show on demand any page of three thousand two hundred character long combination of all the lower case letters of the alphabet, a comma, a space and full stop. This totals twenty-nine different characters, in a book containing one million three hundred and twelve thousand pages, incidentally, each book containing almost seven hundred million words. In essence, this library contains all the words that have or will be ever written, said, joked, lied, recorded, videoed. It contains the text for every single email, text, letter, song lyrics, poem, news article, journal paper, joke, lie and the transcript of every conversation anyone ever had or will have in english, or language that utilises the english alphabet. Each page is given a unique sequential page number, base ten. The characters on each page is locked inside a page number , base twenty-nine so it can be delineated to the lower case alphabet and comma, space, full stop. The algorithm will produce every different combination of the twenty-nine characters consistently, which means what is on each page is preset. So, every novel is in there somewhere, it just has to be located within ten to the five thousand pages. Considering that there are only estimated ten to the eighty atoms in the visible universe.

The above 2 paragraphs can be found in book volume 31 on shelf 4, wall 2 page 200 of 410. So, are the two paragraphs above original? unique? already published? already copyrighted?

Incidentally, 3,200 characters average out to 533 words if an average word is 5 letters plus a space, or comma, or full stop. I have noticed that 500 words fit nicely to one side of an A4 sheet of paper.

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